Man for a Day Workshops

The Man for a Day Workshop is a unique experience. This is a workshop, which Diane initiated in New York as A “Drag King” workshop and which she has been teaching since 1990 in a variety of venues throughout N. America, Europe and Asia.

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Diane Torr Artist Bio

Diane Torr is an artist working in dance, performance, installation, film and video. Read her full bio and download her complete resume here.

Man for a Day Workshops

In New York in 1990, Diane initiated a “Drag King” workshop and she has been teaching it ever since, in a variety of venues throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


In addition to downtown New York spaces such as Franklin Furnace, The Kitchen and also in clubs including The Mudd Club and Danceteria, Diane's performances have also been seen internationally at venues and festivals such as an-de-werf Festival, Utrecht and Migros Museum, Zurich.

Book Launch Dates

The book blends first-person memoir and commentary from Torr with critical reflections and contextualization from leading performance critic Stephen Bottoms.

"My real coach in this a woman. Her name is Diane Torr. Diane is a performance artist who has made her life's work the exploration of gender transformation. As a famous drag king, she has been turning herself into a man for twenty years. She is also known for running workshops wherein groups of women gather and become men for a day." ~Elizabeth Gilbert (alias Luke Gilbert) in G.Q. Magazine, 2001