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    I am in the middle of a residency at ESKUS, a performance art centre in Helsinki http://www.esitystaide.fi/eskus  This is part of an exchange with The Work Room, Glasgow.  A dancer/performer from Finland, Virva Talonen, just completed a two week residency in Glasgow and I am on exchange here.  I’m working with four Finnish dancers/performers, Inari Virmakoski, Katja Kiuru, Pirkko Uitto and Soile Ojala – ages are between 32 and 72 which is appropriate as this work-in-progress called “Licence to Pucker” is about aging and what do wrinkles mean in relation to the ancient?  Well this is actually a glib comment on our research much of which is being done in the Geology Museum in Helsinki.  This is also where we will have a presentation on Friday, February 14 at 15h to which you are all invited.  It is a free presentation, and if you haven’t visited the museum, you are in for an additional pleasurable experience.  No – it’s not the Natural History Museum – it’s the Geology Museum, Arppeanum Snellmaninkatu 3, 00170 Helsinki

    It’s not as cold as New York right now!

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