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    Goethe Delhi has invited myself, and the filmmaker, Katarina Peters, to screen the MAN FOR A DAY feature film in three Indian cities: Calcutta, New Delhi and Chennai. These screenings will  be followed by a Q and A with the filmmaker and myself.

    This event  will be preceded by a screening of the MAN FOR A DAY film in Dhaka, Bangladesh followed by a Q and A.


    As many of you may know, the public  discussion on the situation of women and girls in India has seen a certain rise after the crime of December 16th 2012 when a woman was raped and murdered. The debate is a little broader, more differentiated and more public now. At some points it is also extending  the subject from only women to gender roles and gender stereotypes in general. But there is definitely a long way to go.

    The Goethe-Institut is planning a series of projects that would perpetuate and deepen the reflection and discussion on the perception of gender in South Asia. As part of that, they invited myself and Katarina Peters to India and also to Bangladesh in order to screen the MAN FOR A DAY film, which will be followed by Q and As with the audience. They have also invited me to conduct workshops in India and  in other South Asian countries.




    Here is the itinerary:

    DHAKA: screening on 12 March;

    CHENNAI: film screening on 16 March;

    CALCUTTA: film screening on 19 March;

    NEW DELHI: film screening on 20 March

    I will also be giving a MAN FOR A DAY workshop in New Delhi on March 23.

    This workshop will be open to the public.

    If you would like more information, please contact me: diane.torr@googlemail.com

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