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    For those of you interested in poetry and are in England, consider coming to Swindon….. and  another bonus is a Drag King workshop with me!  Followed by performances by the freshly found drag king poets and I will also be performing in drag.    This is how the festival described it:

    One of the really BIG events!!!

    DRAG KING POETRY NIGHT with ARTIST DIANE TORR – A surprising night of poetry and music.

    • Arts Centre, Devizes Road SN1 4BJ     Tel 01793 614837
    • 8pm • 5 October • £8 (£6)

    What happens to the female voice when it’s dressed as a man? Are men so different to women? “In the course of constructing another identity, one instantly sees other possibilities of being.” writes Diane Torr. This evening of poetry and music with Domestic Cherry Magazine will explore lots of possibilities: be fun and outrageous, strange, transformative!  with one of the world’s most exciting and experienced performance artists Diane Torr. The performers will have spent the whole day with Diane learning to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” without having to wear a testosterone patch!  …  learn how to take up space, walk, eat, drink, pick up objects, smile, etc. as men.”

    For more information: http://swindonfestivalofpoetry.co.uk/2014-programme/


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