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    Come see DONALD DOES DUSTY for free! at //BUZZCUT// Festival, Glasgow on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 17.30pm.  If you miss this show, you can catch it at the Red Lecture Theatre, SummerHall, Edinburgh as part of the Fringe Festival during the last two weeks of August.  That show will include decor by the fabulously LEGENDARY artist, Donald Urquart, with whom I am collaborating, but you will need to spend actual $$ to see that one.   Details for //BUZZCUT// as follows:


    I’d like to make a recommendation for you to check out the festival (apart from my show, natch!) as this is an inspired opportunity and you will be rewarded with an exposure to much of the cutting edge performance work happening in the UK a ce moment!  Hope to see you there!!

    DDD description

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