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    HELLO HELLO HELLO Sailor, nursey, young maiden, bowler-hatted gentleman, dandy, whore, schoolboy, headmaster, torchlight singer, and everyone else!! COME TO A DRAG BALL!! It will be a fundraiser for my performance, DONALD DOES DUSTY, which will run from August 17-30 (not August 25) at Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This will be a bit of a financial risk, but we all like a flutter, eh?  And this you can have – final final drag ball by buying a raffle ticket at the DRAG BALL.  You may also be a winner as the Best Drag King or Queen or  you may be crowned the Worst Drag King or Queen of the evening.  Whatever happens, it will all be in good fun, and the evening will have a fantastic array of cabaret talent including: Miss Leggy Pee; Tom Harlow;  Markee de Saw and Bert Finklel; and Darling Drag Queens – Ru Jazzle, Lacy Rain, October Fist and Sybil Partnership and Daring Drag Kings Jak Saroka, Black Moreau and you will also see me as Mister EE (that’s if you come, and you will, as I will be expecting you).  There will be uplifting sounds from the bands, ACR and Breakfast MUFF and the beloved DJ, Alan Miller.  Everyone loves HIM.

    DRAG BALL – The Poetry Club, 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG. July 3rd, 2015

    8pm-2am  Tickets are £10 on-line from  www.eventbrite.co.uk or if you must leave it til the last minute £12 at the door

    See ya!


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