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    For those of you who may not know this – I have many additional aspects than gender activism and the examination of human behaviour…  I am also fascinated with the workings of the body and its energy pathways.  I am giving a seminar this July at the wonderful dance residency, Ponderosa. Here follows some stimulating dance ideas.  For more info: www.ponderosa-dance.de

    5 Element Theory of Acupuncture as a Choregraphic Stimulus
    (afternoons for 3 hours)
    The Chinese five element theory or phases,  including the elements water, wood, fire, earth, metal, is a fivefold conceptual scheme that was used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, etc. and was used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. This schema was developed by the Chinese nearly 3000 years ago and in acupuncture, was applied as a way to create a holistic system of health.  Each of the five elements has particular associations, such as season, colour, taste, smell, emotion, time of day, and so on.  I first studied the five element theory of acupuncture when I learned Masunaga’s interpretation at the Ohashi Shiatsu Centre in New York in 1981.  Since my graduation 30+ years ago, I have had a shiatsu practice and I could also see the possibility of applying the five element theory as a way to source movement.  In the early 90s, when working as a visiting artist at the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC), I had the opportunity to explore these ideas with fantastic results.  In this project, I will continue this research.  We shall explore each of the five elements, learning the meridians or energy channels and the different associations connected to them as a source for movement exploration and choreographic stimulus.  This will be preceded by:
    Morning blindfold walking – an exercise in trust and sensory awareness in which one person takes a blindfolded partner for a walk and they each write about what they smelled, saw, heard, thought, remembered, and then they switch. Followed by group discussion.
    and I did not neglect the gender exploration:  Here is the blurb:
    Gender as Performance workshop 
    (4-5 hours duration)
    It offers the opportunity to bring a group of people to a new understanding of gender and identity, one which is not defined by the gender binary.
    Talk: 30 Years of Sex and Drag
    (2hours duration)
    Reinventing the narratives of sex and gender, Diane Torr developed her work in dance, performance art, film, installation and photography, particularly within the context of NYC from 1976-2002. She garnered acclaim as a prominent gender activist through her teaching of the Drag King (later known as Man for a Day) workshops.
    You can find out how to register, etc. by going to the Ponderosa website: www.ponderosa-dance.de
    You can also email me directly: diane.torr@googlemail.com
    I look forward to dancing with you this summer!
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