Questionnaire for Drag-King Workshop Participants

  1. Who are you? (you can include age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, job and anything else that you think is relevant)
  2. Why were you originally interested in taking the workshop?
  3. Describe your male character.
  4. Is he someone you have thought about creating for some time?
  5. Is the man you created in the workshop, the same as the man you previously fantasized you would become?
  6. How did you find out about the workshop?
  7. What is the most memorable part of the workshop for you?
  8. What did you get out of the workshop?
  9. How has it effected your life?
  10. In what ways are you continuing the exploration?
  11. Are you “out” to your friends about your drag king experience, or is it still a secret exploration?
  12. How do you think the workshop could be improved?
  13. Anything else you’d like to add:
  14. Do you have any photos you could send with this questionnaire?

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